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Wachet auf, ruft uns die griechische Stimme!

Greek αφύπνιση [afípnisi] 'awakening' consists of two main components: prefix αφ- [af-] - a softened form of από [apó] 'from' - and ὕπνος [húpnos] 'sleep', which, among others, has yielded *hypnosis*, the non-Latin *y* (relevantly called in French *i grec*) revealing the later articulation of the original [u] sound. ξυπνάω [ksipnāo] 'wake up' - from ἐξ- [eks-] 'out' and the reemerging ὕπνος [húpnos] 'sleep' - is another relevantly eye-opening Greek word.

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