Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

Salamat, merci, спасибо

Arabic سلام [salām] 'hello' (literally, 'peace' - cf. Hebrew שלום [shalōm] and Aramaic ܫܠܡܐ [shlāma]/ Syriac [shlōmo]) is intrinsically associated with سلامة *salāma[t-]* 'safety' (the English word itself comes from French *sauf*, ultimately from Latin *salvare* 'save'), a word that has found its way into Tagalog (Pilipino) *salamat* 'thank you'. French *merci*, Italian *grazie* and Spanish *gracias* also point to the association between the concept of 'gratitude' and that of 'mercy; grace; salvation', as does – albeit in a more subtle way – the famous Russian *спасибо* [spasībo] 'thanks!', from *спаси Бог* [spasī bog] – literally 'save God', i.e. '[May] God save [you]'!.

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