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Lithuanians call it *pagalvė*, from *pa* 'under' and *galva* 'head', while Russians label it *подушка* [podūška] – from *под* [pod] 'under' and *yxo* [ūxo] 'ear', a concept reflected in French *oreiller*, from *oreille* 'ear'. Macedonians identify it as *перница* [pérnitsa] – from *перо* [péro] 'feather'. While the Romans called it *cervical*, from Latin *cervix* 'neck', the Spaniards refer to it as *almohada* – from Arabic المـُخَدَّة [almuxáddah], itself from ّخَد [xad] 'cheek'. The Greeks, on their part, talk of *μαξιλάρι* – from Latin *maxillaris* 'jaw'.

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