Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

---Отче наш на небесахNotre Père aux cieuxأبانا في السمواتPadre nuestro en el cieloOur Father in heaven

The Dutch Emphasis

Besides its sibling, Afrikaans, and cousin, Danish, Dutch is the only language that possesses an ingeniously simple way of expressing emphasis graphically: it places the acute accent above the main vowel of the word being emphasised. This obliterates the need for italics, used in many languages to highlight a word or part of a statement. Not all languages can afford the Dutch tactic: the acute accent in those either is part of a different sound (cf. French *é* vs. *e*) or serves to lengthen an otherwise short vowel (cf. Czech/Slovak/Hungarian *á*, *é*, *í*, *ó*, *ú* vs. *a*, *e*, *i*, *o*, *u*)!

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