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-----Солнце языкаLe Soleil du langageشمس اللغةEl Sol del lenguajeThe Sun of Language

The Amazing World of Czech

It is not the only language, which calls a corner 'horn' (roh), a party 'side' (strana), a restroom 'sunset' (záchod) or a theatre 'place for viewing' – more precisely, 'marvelling' (divadlo). Nor is it the only language, wherein upstairs is located 'on the mountain' (nahoře), downstairs 'in the valley' (dole) or wholesome words are reduced to utter vowellessness (trh 'market, prst 'finger' and čtvrt 'quarter' being but a meager sample). It is, however, the only language on Earth, wherein a male repeatedly addresses another male with the seemingly rude, yet utterly intimate expression 'you, ox!' (ty, vole!), singlehandedly revealing the agricultural roots of the Czech people.

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