Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

Солнце БессознательногоLe soleil de l'Inconscientشمس اللاوعيEl sol del InconscienteThe Sun of the Unconscious

The Amazing World of Czech

It is not the only language, which calls a corner 'horn' (*roh*), a party 'side' (*strana*), a restroom 'sunset' (*záchod*) or a theatre 'place for viewing' – more precisely, 'marvelling' (*divadlo*). Nor is it the only language, wherein upstairs is located 'on the mountain' (*nahoře*), downstairs 'in the valley' (*dole*) or wholesome words are reduced to utter vowellessness (*trh* 'market, *prst* 'finger' and *čtvrt* 'quarter' being but a meager sample). It is, however, the only language on Earth, wherein a male repeatedly addresses another male with the seemingly rude, yet utterly intimate expression 'you, ox!' (*ty, vole!*), singlehandedly revealing the agricultural roots of the Czech people.

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