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θέατρον, თეატრი, թատրոն

Greek θέατρον [θéatron] – which, via Old French, has yielded English *theatre* – was originally pronounced with an aspirated initial sound: [théatron]. The Romans, who later borrowed the word, came out with the nearest approximation to the original articulation - *theatrum*, - given the lack of a standalone [th] sound in Latin. Incidentally, the same direct borrowing in two remote, mutually unrelated languages of the Caucasus - on whose shores Ancient Greeks had left a marked presence - offers live evidence of the original word articulation: Georgian თეატრი [theatri] and Armenian թատրոն [thatron] both faithfully show the contrast between the initial aspirated [th] and the middle non-aspirated [t], reflecting - exactly as in Ancient Greek - the clear distinction between the two sounds in each of the two languages.

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