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Седмица, שבוע ,هفته

If Latin *septimana* ‘week’ has given, among other languages, Romanian *săptămână*, Italian *settimana* and Spanish/ Portuguese *semana* (based on the root *septem* 'seven', whence French *sept*), South-Slavonic languages, too (together with old Russian), talk of *седмица*/ *sedmica* - 'a group of seven; a week' (from Slavonic *sedm-* 'seven', whence Czech *sedm*). Greek εβδομάδα 'week' follows the same pattern, being derived from *ἑπτά* ‎[heptá] 'seven', reminiscent of Persian هفت [haft] 'seven', which has yielded هفته [hafte] 'week'. The same behaviour is shown by Hebrew שבוע [šavūa(c)] 'week', from שבע [šēva(c)] 'seven', and Arabic أسبوع ['usbūc] 'week', from سبعة [sabcah] 'seven'.

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