Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

Солнце БессознательногоLe soleil de l'Inconscientشمس اللاوعيEl sol del InconscienteThe Sun of the Unconscious

Güneşli gün, egun eguzkitsua...

Turkish *güneşli gün*, Basque *egun eguzkitsua*, Tagalog *maaraw na araw*, Estonian *päikeseline päev* and, indeed, Hungarian *napos nap* all sound repetitive because they all mean 'sunny day', the day being but an offshoot of the Sun. While *ma-* in Tagalog *maaraw na araw* is merely an adjective-forming prefix, both *päike* and *päev* in Estonian *päikeseline päev* derive from Proto-Finnic *päivä* 'Sun' – the same word that had been current in Finnish before alien *aurinko* (as in *aurinkoinen päivä* 'sunny day') took over in the 16th century.

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