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Slachterij مَسْلَخ Schlachterei

The word to the left is Dutch and means 'slaughterhouse'; its root is *slacht-* [slaxt-] 'slaughter'. To the right is the German sibling of that word. In both, the *t* is secondary, i.e. not part of the original root. In the middle is the Levantine/ Arabic equivalent: مَسْلَخ [maslax] - literally 'the place (*ma-*) of slaughtering (*slax*)'. While the common Germanic root of the word is *slah-*, the Semitic one is *slaḥ-*, whence Levantine سلاح *slāḥ*/ Arabic *silāḥ* 'weapon'. Another cognate pair in Germanic and Semitic deserves attention: German *schlagen* and Levantine/ Gulf Arabic يِـ)شْلَع) [(yi)šlac] both mean 'strike, knock', the latter being cognate with Arabic سِلعَة [silca-] 'commodity' - from a verb originally meaning 'strike, cut' (cf. Russian рубль [rubl'], from рубить [rubit'] 'strike, knock'). Finally, Levantine يِـ)شْلَخ) [(yi)šlax] 'strike, knock' presents a striking similarity with German *schlachten* [šlax-t-en], cognate of Dutch *slachten* [slax-t-en], itself a striking mirror of Levantine/ Arabic [(yi)/(ya)slax] 'slaughter'. Apparent mismatching correspondences between certain sounds of Arabic and Levantine (Arabised Syriac) are due to mutual borrowing.

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