Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

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One Species, One Faith, One Language

One Species: Before our ancestors left Africa dozens of millennia ago to become Jews, Arabs, Iranians, Turks, Chinese, Europeans and Americans, God-Nature had endowed them with three survival features: (1) a dark complexion shielding them from skin cancer; (2) a common faith consolidating the bond between their Father-Sun and Mother-Earth; and (3) a universal language translating that bond into enlightingly interconnected concepts. While adapting to various latitudes, they would proportionately cede their melanin, gradually turning 'brown', 'red', 'yellow' or – finally, to enable the UV-craving transition to cereal diet – 'white', leaving their 'black' forerunners to continuously straddle the Earth equator. Thanks to their age-old, built-in animal-fat metabolism, Arctic populations to this day feature the dark hair – and dark eyes – of our common African ancestors.

One Faith: Icelandic trú 'faith' reflects the trust in the truth rooted in the tree, which Slavs uncoincidentally call drevo, hence variously dreven 'antique', d(e)revnja 'village' and (z)dravie 'health', the latter lying at the root of the Pan-Slavic greeting Zdrav(-)!, at once mirroring Spanish Salud!, Greek Γεια! [Yia!] (short for ὑγιεία [hygeía], hence hygiene) and Finnish Terve!, all of which denote both health and a greeting. Incidentally, Finnish Terve! is an archaic Indo-European loanword, cognate both with Slavic drevo 'tree' and the very English tree, whose sap our species has since time immemorial sapiently been sapping, earning it the Sapiens label, thus bridging the gap between Dutch sap 'juice' and the saporous origin of Latin sapere 'to know'. Faith – the humble, the inalienable, the indivisible Light of the Universe – is embedded in solar energy, the sole source of solace that consoles against desolation on the solid path towards solemnity.

One Language: Members of a tribe are customarily attributed tasks, which contribute to the common good, the fruit of their collective labour being distributed among them, with tributes to children and the elderly, save cases of retribution established by the tribunal. They all live, work and eat together, as evidenced both by Spanish comer 'eat' (from Latin cum 'with' and edere 'consume food') and French compagnon 'companion' (from Latin cum 'with' and panis 'bread' – literally 'bread-sharer', later reduced to copain 'pal'). Farming iself owes its inception to the joint – i. e., conjugated – effort of two oxen, whose yoke lies at the root of both French conjoints and Spanish cónyuges, both of which mean 'spouses'. Sanskrit yoga is the 'union' between the human spirit and the Universe, where no other language but Harmony is spoken.

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