Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

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Нам день приносит свет зари

Lithuanian – the most archaic Indo-European, to say nothing of Balto-Slavic, tongue – is the only language that calls the world pasaulis '(what lies) under the Sun'. Polish is the only language that calls the moon Księżyc 'the Little Prince', a subtle reference to the 'Great Prince', whose light it reflects. Ukrainian is the only Slavic language that has fully preserved the [u] sound of Balto-Slavic *būtei 'to be', *byti being the form of Proto-Slavic itself. Russian is the only language that calls both the light and the universe свет [svet], a word that – in all other Slavic languages (and beyond) – has shifted in meaning to exclusively denote the 'world', assigning to 'light' a series of derivatives, ranging from svetlo through svetlina to svetloba, thus creating the impression that Earth was born before the Sun!

J. S. Bach: Нам день приносит свет зари 'The day brings us the light of dawn' – orig., Es kostet viel, ein Christ zu sein 'It costs much to be a Christian'.

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