Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

-----Солнце языкаLe Soleil du langageشمس اللغةEl Sol del lenguajeThe Sun of Language

Homo confusus

We are a confused species. We believe in a god that – at the same time, to the exclusion of one another – has an only-chosen people, an only-begotten son and an only-last messenger, making homo sapiens a misnomer for homo confusus, the mirror of homo bellicus, which keeps talking about science while indefatigably brandishing the sword of exclusivism. The pantheon is crammed with hatred; time has come to cast off the mantle of confusion and put on the robe of Light. The divine is the diurnal that always kept our ancestors in a state of awe – which Slavs to this day variably call obdiv 'admiration'/ podiv 'wonder'/ údiv 'astonishment', – God being the physical Sun that shines on ALL, to the exclusion of none!

By substituting the god of money with that of Wisdom (to wit is 'to know'), we can help our Salvation come faster without the need to annihilate the Universe around us. One of the most instructive examples of our indissociable connection with the Sun – aka Our Father in Heaven – is Modern Hebrew שִׁימֵּשׁ [šiméš] 'to serve; be used (as)', which goes back to the very first service ever performed: that of the Sun שֶׁמֶשׁ [šémeš]. Hallelujah!

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