Светлой памяти Нины Макаровны Чередеевой-

-----Солнце языкаLe Soleil du langageشمس اللغةEl Sol del lenguajeThe Sun of Language

Far Beyond Ideology

The reason we keep haughtily looking down upon each other until we can wipe each other off the face of Earth is that we keep worshiping mutually-exclusive gods that have never existed, without that implying that God Itself does not exist. It is thanks to It that we each time self-conceitedly land at a precalculated time and place on the Moon, Mars or – should we one day be lucky enough to cast off our blissfully-growing ignorance – the Sun. That will happen the day we will have discovered the difference between religion and Faith, welfare and Happiness, globalism and Universalism. No stock exchanges, political parties, fashion houses, social media or classes exist on the Sun – since time immemorial, our Father in Heaven has been the sole source of our physical and emotional solace, embuing us with enough consolation to keep us away from desolation. Its direction has always been clear!

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